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Iran gets gassier, pushing Gulf states away

Filed under: Middle East

President Ahmadinejad just inaugurated the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline. "The pipeline will allow transfer of 400 million cubic meter of Iranian gas to Armenia per year during the first phase of the project, to be increased to 2.5 billion cubic meters per year."

Approximately 100km of the 140km, $120 million pipeline is in Iranian territory. The pipeline was constructed in 650 days.

What does it say about Iran's leadership? To the very least that it doesn't stay put while the US and Israel complain about Iran's regional and global ambitions. Iran's bullying attitude deeply upsets (read: frightens) the Sunnis. Thus the Gulf States make plans to avoid the Iranian Strait of Hormuz. Roughly 20% of the world's daily oil supply passes through the strait.

It might work but don't hold your breath just yet. Can we pass the message to the US Congress, asap please?

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