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Welcome to the new Publius!

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So, when you just typed in our URL, the first thing you probably noticed was that Publius appeared fast for once. Yes, that's right, you didn't have spare time to hit the rest room and make dinner before the main page loaded. Then you probably noticed that the color scheme is entirely different, you can use social bookmarking sites, subscribe to our RSS feed, and -- oh my -- there's now two blogs and a news feed.

What happened here??

Sekimori happened. You can thank her for all the wonderful changes that Publius is now undergoing. Thanks to her design, we will be able to rapidly expand our content. We will no longer just focus on news commentary and analysis; but shorter commentary, news and blog links, and long articles that discuss broad and powerful ideas (you'll find those on the right hand side).

I am hoping that you will like what you see, and stay awhile. If you've always wondered and never found out what Publius and its contributors are all about, check the About page as well as the contributor profiles on the right. Also don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed and feel free to participate in discussions on any thread!

UPDATE: Alright, a few glitches have already been found. Typical stuff that we're going to have to figure out. If comments have been made on a post, the number won't necessarily show up underneath. Also, you can't search the old archives yet and for some reason when you go to them directly they aren't showing up. We definitely need to fix that. The blogroll and resources page are also not finished, but don't worry, those will be done soon.

To clarify about there being two blogs and a news feed... This space you are reading right now will be reserved for shorter commentary. Now peel your eyes away and look to the right at the "Recent Articles" sidebar, where you will see that we are also posting much longer articles with more thought and depth. You can see a full list of them by clicking on the "Articles" tab above. There is also a Democracy News feed which is constantly updated, and you will take you to a lot of news articles that are relevant to this site. Make sure to check them all out.

UPDATE 2: The Archives page is completely fixed, and the main page is updating as it should be. The Resources page and blogroll are the only things not finished. Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

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