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Bassiji/Hezbollah militia's crackdown on 'immoral' women Updated with Video

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Here are more photos of the crackdown on the women wearing "immoral dresses".. Notice that it's not only in Tehran, but all across Iran, too.

Here is another video from BBC Persian. You won't understand what they say, but the images should be enough to figure out. To sum it up, the women explain how they are harassed.

The police, Bassiji/Hezbollah militia, are the very same 'people' who burn Israeli and US flags, pelt Western embassies, shout "Death to Israel, America", call for the execution of hostages, etc. And are called "students" by the ignorant MSM. By seeing this third series of photos, you may have realized who these "students" really are.

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The Islamists are mentally ill.

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