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Islamic repression in the streets of Iran (Updated)

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A female Bassiji is rebuking a brave Iranian woman who removed her headscarf on a street of Tehran. This picture should prove to you that Iranian women are as much liberal and modern as the women in any Western nation. Wait until the Mullahs' regime falls, you will be seeing amazing scenes on the streets of Iranian cities.

If it's true the saying according to which a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is. And keep in mind that she's not the only woman who tries to defy the Islamists by taking out the veil. There have been more, and I will post the pics as soon as I retrieve them.

And below are more photos of the ongoing crackdown on the 'un-Islamically dressed' women. The Bassiji militias (including black cows) stop the women and young girls and force them to adjust their mandatory veils in order not to show their hair.

A woman tries to defend herself from the black cow.

The Iranian women are generally very beautiful and attractive.


Some are imposed fines while others, like the below ones, are taken to Islamic courts...

Female tourists from foreign countries may be fined, too.

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