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Government: Stay Away From Estonia

Filed under: Europe ~ Russia

Is there a terrorist threat against its major cities? Do mass rallies and civil war rue the day? Good old chaos and anarchy?

Who knows?

In case you're wondering, it's not the American or European governments that have issued such an order. It's the Russian government, of course. True to its bullying nature -- especially against the Baltics! -- First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov has told citizens that they should shun Estonia. The real reason is because Estonia plans to take down an old, irrelevant WWII monument that the people widely regard as a symbol of the beginning of Soviet occupation. Yes, those crazy Estonians are going to tear down a statue! First it's a statue, then the entire Russian Federation!

How ironic that as the Estonians prepare to take down a symbol of Soviet oppression, the Russians react by basically calling for a boycott on Estonian tourism and goods. How perfectly predictable! Big bad Russia's ego gets bruised by baby Estonia and, failing to reconcile with its own history, throws a temper tantrum.

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