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Hail, Colombia!

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Colombians protest the Marxist violence of FARC's vile narcoterrorists
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

Two hundred thousand Colombians protested Thursday in the city of Cali. They marched against terrorism brought on to them by the Marxist FARC narcoterrorists, who, for the first time in years, were emboldened to blow up a police station in the city. Instead of getting cheers from the populist mobs, or indifference, as would have happened in the past, the FARC got an earful and eyeful from the citizens who spontaneously - in their hundreds of thousands - took to the streets to send a message that these dirtbag fishes will never have a sea to swim in in Cali, as the Maoist saying about revolution goes. Instead, they'll have every Colombian against them, daring them in the open streets to try to stop them, not flinching.

Bear in mind that this is Cali, Colombia's third largest city. It used to be one of the world's most odious narcoterrorist nests. It was a dreaded hellhole twenty years ago. If you've ever seen the movie "Our Lady Of The Assassins" you will know how narcoterrorism saps the life and spirit of a city, making everyone corrupt - churches, pregnant women, toddlers, doctors, absolutely everyone. The net result is that everyone turns inward and looks out only for themselves. Eventually, everyone just dies.

Now, like a bad dream, it's just a movie. With the great leadership of President Alvaro Uribe, that scenario no longer exists. The city of Cali has been transformed. Not just with new buildings, which is exciting enough. But in the hearts of the people, the hardest thing in the world to change. Civil society has blossomed. People care about each other again. They are not turning inward but turning outward, and turning to each other! They are no longer terrified and they won't let themselves be intimidated. Never again will leftist terror be permitted to take over, ever so cynically 'in the name of the people.' The message to the FARC is that here are the people all right and they don't like leftist clowns who bomb in what they claim is the name of the people. The people have spoken. And they've struck a blow for democracy.

Hail Colombia!!!!

Source: Semana

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