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Hezbollah's message: Long live the resistance!

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After playing the number games, Hezbollah attempts yet again to mislead the international community. Through its international relations officer, Nawwaf al-Musawi, Hezbollah informed some of the European Union delegates in Lebanon about Hezbollah's role as a resistance. Reportedly al Musawi said "Hezbollah's experiment as a resistance movement in confronting the Israeli threats and reviewed the nature of these threats that are represented in Israel's designs on Lebanon's waters, its continued occupation of the Shab'a Farms, its continued detention of a number of Lebanese prisoners in its jails, and its threats to Lebanon's security". Al-Musawi called on the delegation "to review French Foreign Ministry documents in Nantes and the document of the peace conference that was held in San Remo in 1919 when a memorandum presented by the Zionist movement asked that Israel's borders with Lebanon be delineated north of the city of Sidon". (Lebanese News Agency)

Hezbollah is indeed a very resourceful party and militia. Instead of complying with the UN 1559 and UN 1701 it chooses to blame, who else? the darn Zionists. It is not Israel, EU should be worry about, but rather the fact that Hezbollah still has large amounts of weapons, no honest intention to disarm and that it isn't accountable to the government.

Hussein Khalil, an adviser of Sheikh Nasrallah warned that the Party of God "firmly opposes the supervision of the Syrian-Lebanese border, " and if that were to happen, Hezbollah "has enough weapons to defend Lebanon against ‘Israeli’ aggression."

What Hezbollah (generally) asks to think about disarming:

- Shebaa farms (the territory was taken by Syria from Lebanon, at the end of '50s beginning of '60s, and UN maps and documents demonstrate its Syrian land)
- release all the Lebanese prisoners held in Israel's jails
- for Israel to take back the Palestinian refugees
- to give back all West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinian Authority
- to share Jerusalem
- and to pay the reconstruction costs after the July war Hezbollah triggered

In Hezbollah's words, "the problem did not start with us or other Arabs; it started with the occupation of Palestine."

Hopefully the international community will prove them wrong, but I am not holding my breath for the Europeans to lead this process.

p.s when referring to Israel or Israelis, Hezbollah affiliated sites use quotation marks because they do not recognize Israel as a state

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