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Historic Iran Divestment Bill Passes Unanimously

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Iranian Secularist Movements applauded an historic bill which was passed unanimously by the California Assembly. The bill, proposed by Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon), "would prohibit California’s public retirement funds from investing in foreign owned companies that do business in Iran."

According to Iranian freedom fighters, this is one of the best options the US has to effectively act against the Islamic Republic.

Read the press release: Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Passes Unanimously

From the Jewish Journal: Jews and Iranian Secularists unite behind Iran divestment bill . I changed the headline because generally many Iranian secularists don't consider themselves as "muslims" but "Iranians".

My friend Roozbeh Farahanipour, chairman of the Marze Por Gohar Party (Iranians for a Secular Republic), testified about being tortured while he was in jail in Iran in 1999.

Good morning,
My name is Roozbeh Farahanipour,
I am the chairman of MarzePorGohar - Iranians for a Secular Republic.

In July of 99, I , along with other pro-freedom groups in Iran, organized a series of demonstrations, centered in Tehran University: to protest the Parliament's passing of a law, severely restricting the newspapers.

We were demanding greater freedom from the government. Many of you have probably herd of the "student uprising" at Tehran University July of 99.

You may have seen crowds of Iranian-Americans gathering at the federal building in Westwood to commemorate the date the Tehran regime brutally murdered several students by throwing them out of third-floor windows. Other Protesters were murdered during Clashes with plain-clothed and uniformed security forces. I was there. I was there when that happened.

They were throwing students out of dormitory windows chanting: "oh, Hossein, oh Ali, accept this gift from us"

I was there...

Thousands of students and other protesters were arrested during the brutal crack-down by the Regime.

I was among those arrested - I was one of the ones who got picked up.

They held me for more than months, beating and torturing me.

One of the many tortures they subjected me to was known as "Joojeh Kabab" -- the "chicken kebab".

They called it that because they would: tie my feet together, tie my hands together and skewer a pole between my hands and knees and proceed to whip me, as I hung from the pole. Thus, the Chicken Kebab analogy. "Joojeh Kabab" they called it...

You see: there were protests in 18 cities across Iran, at the same time that we were marching out the gates of Tehran University.

This proposed legislation Assembly Bill 221 is one form of support that we welcome with all our hearts.

Your legislation clearly shows that the people of California will not sit back and allow their retirement savings to buy technology for and bring fresh capital to a regime of Murderers and hostage-takers in Tehran.

This is an important message, and we thank you for it.

As a political refugee, who has been welcomed into this country, I want to express my gratitude for everything America has done for me and my home country, Iran.

Thank You, America, for All You Do and All You Have Done.

Islamic Republic intelligence officers are murdering American soldiers today in Iraq. The Tehran regime is taking hostages, again. Old habits are hard to die, I guess.

I applaud Assemblyman Anderson, and their co-sponsors for introducing this legislation.

I ask that all of you find it in your hearts to support it.

YES, you CAN make a difference.

Down With Islamic Republic... Long Live Iran.....


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