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Once A Militia, Always A Militia

Filed under: Middle East

In a televised speech on Sunday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said that Lebanese "are stuck with us for 50 years more." He further added, "If we were to choose between civil war and keeping the situation this way for a limited period of time, we prefer to continue with this state of affairs (stalemate)."

He doesn't want anymore the 19/11 government formula his party proposed and continues to oppose the international tribunal in Rafiq al Hariri's assassination.

Sheikh Nasrallah is actually promising 50 years of political isolation, poverty, social despair and economic disasters. If Hezbollah will continue sabotaging the government of Premier Siniora, Lebanon will be very soon in a constant state of pandemonium and servitude to Iran and Syria. That is what the 14 March is trying hard to prevent and what March 8 aims of restoring.

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