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The Hug That Launched A Thousand Fatwas

Filed under: Central Asia ~ Pakistan

Look at her, Nilofer Bakhtiar, that harlot. Not only is she parading around in public as Pakistan's tourism minister, but she's going around giving hugs to French men, walking around sans ninja gear, and... and... are those boobs?? Many may believe that she is clapping for something in this picture, but really, she is sinisterly rubbing her hands together plotting the weakening of the public morality!

At least, this is what people inside the Taliban-like Red Mosque are saying right now. These people issued a deadly fatwa against this poor woman for giving a victory hug to an instructor after a successful parachute jump. No mind that this was her first jump, which takes a great deal of courage, and not to mention that the jump was for an aid organization raising money to aid the people of Pakistan who had been injured or displaced in the great October 2005 earthquake.

But who cares about them, right? All that really matters is that women aren't in public doing, well, anything!

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