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Video of the Crackdown on Iranian Women (and Men)

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I was able to find video of a young Iranian girl being arrested by the Islamic Republic's police. In the shocking and sad video, you'll hear the screams of the young girl, whose only "fault" was not covering herself like the black cows.

See the video here.

Here's a translation of what the girl shouts and what the police say to her:

Girl (screaming): I am not coming. Let me go. You man! Dont touch me! Let me go! I dont want to go! I dont want to go! Police (to people): Do not gather! Go!

Where are the Western feminists who always complain against alleged 'discrimination' in the very same societies that grant them full rights? Where are they when you need them? Ms.Nancy Pelosi, anything to say? Are you still planning to go shake hands with the Mullahs' while women are being humiliated? Why dont the Western women take action to help their sisters in Iran?

But it's not only the women who are being arrested, fined and "rebuked", though they are the main victims. It's the guys, too.

Why? Because they dare to defy the regime by dressing like their Western counterparts, with long hair and fashion hair style, other than listening to music or wearing shorts.

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