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All Hell Breaks Loose In Caracas

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College students protest the shutdown of RCTV and demand free speech
Source: Associated Press, via Philly Burbs

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez sent in these riot police to take on 'dangerous' protesting babes in Caracas who seek free speech.
Source: Associated Press, via Philly Burbs

Students went on strike all over Venezuela today, shutting down every major university in the name of free speech. El Universal reports that it's about eight big ones with all the kids marching onto OAS headquarters to urge the hemisphere's democracy-certifier to grow a spine. Miguel has a live report about what he saw in the streets, as well as photos. It sounds like turmoil and now troops have opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the protests.

Taking down 'oligarchs' - Hugo Chavez sicced his thugs on college students seeking free speech
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

These began last night - they are well chronicled by Jim at GatewayPundit here - and have extended through to today. Megaresistencia, citing Union Radio, reports that numerous students at Simon Bolivar University were injured in tear gas and rubber bullet attacks by Chavista troops here.


Chavista riot police take aim at dreaded 'capitalists' and 'class enemies'
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

Police chased students with tear gas at Plaza Brion in Chacaito
Source: EFE, via Megaresistencia

It all began because last night, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez shut down RCTV, Venezuela's largest and most popular television network. He did this by decree, for he rules by decree. This time he pulled RCTV's 53-year license. The clever yank-their-license approach gave his move an appearance of legality to outsiders. However, it was motivated by pure political revenge. Were Venezuela a real democracy, no politician would ever do a move so unpopular. Only one unafraid of popular retribution at the ballot box or any other kind of backlash would. Hugo fears nothing now.

RCTV owner Marcel Granier watches as his lifework is seized by Chavista thugs in the name of communist collectivism
Source: Associated Press

That wasn't all he did. Chavez sent in troops to steal -err, temporarily protect - the station's broadcasting assets and presumably hand them over to his chavista television worker collectives, barbaric groups of slum ignoramuses of no professionalism or commitment to news whatsoever. I know. I visited some when I was in Caracas, and I know who they are. Their sole purpose is propaganda and revenge on enemies. They don't actually know anything, they just want to indoctrinate. Lots of them are 'intellectuals' from the '60s who could never make it as real academics.

A college student throws a rock back at the Chavista goon squad
Source: AP, via BBC Mundo

That lack of professionalism is showing already - AP reported that the Chavista station that has replaced RCTV, known as Teves, has already showed its direction by singing Kim Il-Sung-style songs about how wonderful Hugo Chavez really is. The cult of personality has begun. Can you imagine losing your favorite television shows to be replaced by Marxist indoctrination by Marxist ideologues?

The UniMet student's sign says 'No To Oppression.' Hugo says 'Quick, get the tear gas'
Source: Agencia EFE, via Yahoo! Mexico

So not only is free speech dead in Venezuela, so are all other kinds of expression. And it all follows a long slide downhill on free speech rights, as described here, that is now continuing on to the harassment of CNN, Globovision and other Web sites, showing that Chavistas will stop at nothing to silence all free speech. As coda, blogger Tomas Sancio says it will only last as long as Venezuela's economy does.

Students flee from tear gas - notice how much they used on this 'enemy'
Source: AFP, via BBC Mundo

Now troops are firing on 'dangerous' students who don't want their last right to speak out taken away in the emerging Venezuelan dictatorship.

Students march at the University of Central Venezuela in Caracas
Source: Tal Cual, via Megaresistencia

UPDATE: Radio and TV stations in El Salvador and Costa Rica went dark in solidarity with RCTV.

Keep an eye on Miguel's blog, which has updates through the day, and Daniel's blog, too, which will probably have the same shortly.

Feathers has lots of local links of developments and YouTubes, it's worth a click here. And keep an eye out for updates on Venezuela Today, too, which watches everything.

TV Wars - The television entrepreneur and the thug who loves the spotlight alone
Source: AP, via Yahoo! Mexico

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