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Gul's out

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Over 1 million Turks protested against AK party government and against Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul's presidency. Turks made it clear to AK party that Islamists are not welcome to rule the country. Although, Gul's agenda would have been presumably less religious than that of
Premier Tayyip Erdogan, the general feeling was that his succession to the presidential chair will bring to an end the secularism and the political openness that began with Kemal Atatürk revolution of 1923.

Turkey's army has been the guarantor of the laic political system since 1923. The Turkish General Staff issued a warning on April 27 directed against those who would seek to change the secular identity of Turkey and to irremediably alter Turkey's chance to be ever accepted into the EU.

Today Turkey's highest court has reached a verdict to annul the presidential election. This move brings into spot light the scenario of early elections for a new parliament.

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