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Mexico Gets Back To Normal

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Remember this anxious crowd at the Zocalo in Mexico City last summer? At the time, supporters of Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador demonstrated and agonized over the narrow presidential election returns that they saw as depriving their presidential candidate of legitimate victory. They were so upset they gathered in Mexico City's public square and camped out. They refused to budge. They shut down the city. And there were questions as to whether Mexican democracy could survive at all:

Source: AP, via

Today, Mexico's democracy is alive and well, and it's got a popular president who's loved on all sides of the political spectrum. Felipe Calderon today commands a 65% political approval rating by Mexicans as citizens grow confident that he's the right man for the job and he won that job fairly. But that doesn't mean the Zocalo is empty, not by any means. It just means that the crowd scene there is now something very different:


Nekkid people! Everybody taking it off and showing their birthday suits. Errrr, I mean, doing art! Yes, art photographer Spenser Tunick is back, and has he ever brought out the naked people to downtown Mexico City! Like last AMLO Summer, the crowds are as big as ever in pursuit of a common purpose. But this time, instead of common political misery, it's all about common participation in art and feelin' groovy. Lotsa art! Mexico's changed since AMLO's vigil, and for most, it's for the better!

Or at least a happy ending! Viva Mexico!

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