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Annals of HRC Fraud at the UN

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The Associated Press reports that the UN's sham human rights entity, the 47-member so-called "Human Rights Council" in which the US is only an observer, has "agreed to continue their scrutiny of Israel while halting investigations into Cuba and Belarus." The action immediately drew fire in the U.S. Congress:

An influential Cuban-American member of Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, said she would seek to halt US funding to the council because of the '"hopelessly flawed" rules exempting Cuba and Belarus and targeting Israel. Ros-Lehtinen, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said she plans to offer an amendment to the Foreign Operations Appropriations legislation that is scheduled for a vote later this week by the US House of Representatives. "To its shame, the UN Human Rights Council celebrated its first birthday by giving gifts to Fidel Castro, the authoritarian regime in Belarus and the enemies of the democratic state of Israel,'" she said."The United States cautions that a biased, permanent agenda on the occupied Palestinian territories, and the arbitrary elimination of two vital country mandates, Cuba and Belarus, raise serious questions about the institutional priorities of the Human Rights council," US Ambassador Warren W. Tichenor said.

The very notion that Israel, a vibrant democracy surrounded by fanatical religious dictatorships seeking to hurl it into the sea and the only nation ever formally censored by the HRC, is a bigger threat to human rights than the totalitarian dictatorships in Cuba and Belarus is a crude slur on the intelligence of every person whose tax dollars fund the United Nations. How can the UN possibly claim any moral legitimacy to address human rights issues if it proceeds in this manner? The saddest thing of all is that this salaciously fraudulent enterprise is actually a replacement of another UN group that was so corrupt it had to be abolished.

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D.J. says:

To Ms. Zigfield:

It seems like too much of a co-incidence that that an entry calling for diplomatic scrutiny of Belarus is preceeded by an entry highlighting the social/political shortcomings of that same nation.

My local newspaper dissemenates propaganda much in the same way. They publish a feature article highlighting (read: creating) the issue , and the next day they call to attention certain event (or non-event) that seems to compound the aforementioned issue.

"Oh, look what thy did now! The good people of Belarus are beating their wives for fun and hanging themselves by the thousands! Those pesky HRC zealots!"
Basically passing off an opinion as news.

Manuel Kielmannsegge says:

Your articles about Putin and the Sowjetunion are infamious, I don,t know why are you waisting your time creating such bullshit like these pages, your articles spread out uncontroled and fanatical arrogancy. You really have no idea

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