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Communist-Fascist moronic convergence against the US in Rome

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“Anti-War”, “Peace” activists, Fascists converge in Rome, show their true colors

Peaceful desire to destroy America

Peaceful Anti-semitism

Note: I read on a website, that there was a sign reading “We are all with the Taliban”.

The t-shirt this idiot is wearing represents the symbol of a communist ‘humanitarian’ NGO that has been operating in Afghanistan to supposedly ‘offer medical assistance to war victims’, while in reality it is a staunchly anti-american, stalinist organization whose members in Afghanistan include Taliban ‘militants’.

Showing their desire for peace..

Al-Reuters caption for this photo: “A protester waves a flag”

The Fascists joined their communist cousins:

“Bush, Rome will be your grave”. The Celtic Cross has been often abused by Fascism.

It has been reported that some of these retards assaulted the grave of Aldo Moro, the Christian Democratic Italian PM who was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigades terrorists in the late 1970s.

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