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A year later - Gilad Shalit is still captive

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A year ago today, Hamas, the Army of Islam and the Popular Resistance Committees kidnapped Cpl Gilad Shalit. It was one of the most successful Hamas&Al Qaeda actions against Israel.

Ever since 1948 radical Palestinians and Muslim Arabs do what they most enjoy: undermine the signed agreements with Israel, send as many suicide bombers as possible (and here gender is irrelevant) attack Israeli towns and villages with Qassams, smuggle weapons and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Hamas is no different than Fatah and these two are no different than al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Jemmah Islamyiah, and the list can go on and on. What all want is the destruction of Israel. The only difference is that some terrorist gangs say it out loud, others don't.

The Media Line reported that "New reports in Israeli media say the missing soldier is being kept in a room beneath a highly fortified building in Gaza that is booby-trapped. An Israeli television channel reported that Shalit is in a two-room suite 15 meters below the surface and accessed by a ladder lined with explosives. The channel's sources – said to be Hamas – claim Shalit has a "cordial" relationship with his guards who are under orders to treat him fairly"

What do Arabs say about it? They come with new talks initiative! In the end Israel will have to come up with a new security strategy since the present one is clearly not working in its benefit.

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