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Syria's terror goes unhindered

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Future Party parliamentarian Walid Eido was killed yesterday together with his son, bodyguards and few by standers by a car bomb. The assassination took place in Manara district located alongside Beirut's Corniche. One of NBN news anchor did not notice that the microphone is still on and made some shocking comments: "What took them so long to kill him?" (referring to Eido) she asked her co-worker. She also said "I wonder if Ahmad Fatfat is next" and "We have had enough of them." (referring to Siniora's anti-Syria government)

*NBN fired the woman and her co-worker and apologized for the mistake. Actually NBN merely apologized that the mic was on.

These terrorist attacks are designed to further destabilize the state. Syria is maneuvering on two fronts: 1) in Beirut it continues to target prominent anti-Syrian politicians, journalists and activists

2) outside the capital it uses Palestinian terror groups such as Fatah al Islam, al Qaeda affiliated cells etc In this respect Nahr el Bared is an example. In each refugee camp are literally more than dozen of terror sunni groups (small operative cells affiliated with Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and groups like Esbat al-Ansar, Lebanese Jund as-Sham which means - Soldiers of Syria -- being based in Ein el Hilwe etc) - for the right price some may and few already did help the Syrians. After all they have nothing to lose.

You will find more about the math behind the assassinations here.

Meanwhile the Lebanese army does a wonderful job fighting Fatah al Islam at Nahr el Bared.

Such acts profoundly divides an already split society on sectarian, religious and ethnic lines.
We will have to wait for the International Tribunal to do some justice, but till then the country might slip into chaos. Middle East politics are impossible to predict, but the situation in Lebanon looks grim.

*NBN is Nabih Berri's TV station. Nabih Berri is Speaker of Parliament, Amal's leader and one of Syria's closest allies in Lebanon. Amal is part of the 8 March movement alongside Hezbollah, Free Patriotic Movement, the Syrian Social Nationalist party, Marada, etc)

**Naharnet too provides a translation of the incident -- read it here

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