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A New Campaign in Support of Colombia

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We at Publius are starting a new campaign in support of ratification of a free trade agreement with Colombia called, "Sorry, Colombia!" The name derives from the fact that the Democrat-controlled American Congress has rejected the FTA on extremely dubious grounds. It also plays on the "Sorry Everybody!" campaign started by Americans who wanted to apologize for George W. Bush's reelection in 2004.

We are aiming to do something similar. Beside an official apology and the latest news, developments, and information regarding the FTA and related scandals, we also want to create a photo gallery of Americans apologizing for Congress' ludicrous decision. I am asking for you help.

We need volunteers with a little bit of time and a wide variety of abilities, including:
- Knowledge about photo gallery and photo submission web apps that can be used
- Connections with journalists, government officials on both sides, or simply interested individuals who will pass on the word
- Good, persuasive writing ability and a knowledge of Colombian and American politics
- Use of email and social networking sites such as Digg and Facebook
- And just good ideas in general!

If you would like to help in any way and can offer any of your time, please contact me at robertmayer @

Thanks! And look for the launch shortly!

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