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Millions Of Colombians March Against FARC Marxist Narcoterrorists

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Millions of Colombians marched as a nation together to protest the Marxist FARC's kidnappings of innocents
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

As in Cuba and Venezuela, white is rapidly becoming the color of freedom and democratic revolution through the Western hemisphere.

In Medellin
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

In Cali
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

Millions of Colombians, all clad in white, marched through Bogota, Cali, Medellin and other cities to protest the murderous kidnappings by the FARC Marxist narcoterrorist guerrillas, who have made war on this unlucky country for more than 44 years. FARC currently holds 3000 people hostage in its jungle redoubts, in the name of forcing Marxism on an unwilling nation. Three of those hostages are Americans. This protest was triggered by the coldblooded murder of 11 elected legislators, who were held hostage for five long years in the broiling hot jungle hideouts of the terrorists, only to be shot dead when rescuers arrived for them. These terrorists easily shot their hostages dead rather than let them be rescued without a cash ransom or the achievement of their unsellable political aims.

Colombians wave the flag - their nation is at stake.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

Little children, standing up against Marxist narcoterror, stand up for democracy
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

These Marxist monsters are detested by Colombians and have the lowest approval rating of any group in the country, something like less than 1%. It's no surprise as to why. They are well known for the inhumanity. They keep hostages tied to trees for years, and demand massive ransoms from innocents. Those who survive come out looking like feral animals. They invented the necklace bomb, grabbing farmers who refused to grow coca for their cocaine operations, putting a sort of ticking mechanical collar around their necks and letting them listen to the ticks until time runs out and they feel their head literally blow off. They invented horse bombs, where horses go into village marketplaces and explode, like random roaming car bombs. They have massacred Colombians in churches during mass, their blazing machine guns firing away on people worshipping God. They have forced children into soldierhood, and turning them into Marxist-indoctrinated automatons, and robbed others of their childhood by blocking all school routes. Some Colombian children have had to attend school through swinging pulleys across the jungle canopy just to avoid the FARC guerrilla activity below and the inevitable kidnapping. They have trafficked drugs to milllions, raining horror and misery on inner cities across America. There is no evil that they will not stoop to in the name of their Marxist 'revolution,' none.

A Colombian demonstrator demands that the chains of Marxist narcoterror be broken in Colombia.
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

Starting their war against Colombia in the 1960s, with the complicity of Fidel Castro, who's always viewed the ultra-strategic Colombian nation as his biggest takeover prize, they've turned Colombia into a lawless hellhole and damaged and corrupted Colombian society in a way no other terrorist group on a sustained basis has ever done. They have stepped up their plans to attack American troops stationed there and Colombian troops foiled a plot against them just this past 4th of July. They seem to have forged an alliance with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, whose ultimate aim seems to be war with Colombia. He's confident that America will never come to Colombia's aid.

The FARC is denounced as cowards by a protestor.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

FARC Marxist narcoterrorists are hanged in effigy - this is no soft soggy give peace a chance rally, these Colombians are willing to fight.
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

The misery these Marxists have wrought on Colombia is horrendous. That's why Colombians defied guerrilla threats to massacre them in their voting lines back in 2002, and elected President Alvaro Uribe, a man who has known Marxist narcoterror up close. In fact, no one has seen Marxist narcoterror as closely as he has. The FARC murdered his father during an attempted kidnapping. They tied his foreign minister to a tree for six years - he only escaped their monstrous clutches by running through a minefield and into a jungle for two weeks to escape. Other drug traffickers, their remnants now since aligned to the FARC, held his vice president hostage for eight months, tied to a bed. It's not that common that a president leads a pprotest rally in a democratic revolution, but in his case, there is no one more appropriate. He's leading the fight for his country's freedom.

The man leading the national rally - President Uribe of Colombia, who prays at mass beforehand
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

His suffering was emblematic of the suffering of all Colombians. The FARC has killed 200,000 people during the course of its four-decade brutal war for Marxism. They've kidnapped about 18,000. Colombians know this. But the rest of the world doesn't. That's why they've taken to the streets to show the world that their ordeal is not over, that they need the support of everyone, and that the FARC must be completely disbanded or destroyed. They love their President Uribe - who has an 80% approval rating at the last count. With a notably Catholic devotion, he's shown a long-suffering and prudent wisdom in refusing to negotiate with terrorists, refusing to give them the land they are demanding, refusing to heed anyone but the people he elected. His sufferings are many as his nation is reviled in the halls of U.S. Congress by ruling Democrats who literally know nothing about the place and its sufferings and seem to seek only to buttress the FARC and all its Marxist narcoterror.

It's like Venezuela's freedom marches, there's a majesty.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

Like the Venezuelans, the Colombians make gestures in the streets. Note that each tshirt represents the face of a FARC victim.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

A couple weeks ago, Uribe released a coterie of about 500 FARC terrorists from prison as a goodwill gesture. Requested by Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who misread the Colombian situation, this weeks ago. Naturally, the FARC returned the gesture with bombs, violence and new kidnappings. It's significant that Uribe said there won't be any more of this, thus, keeping his support from the people of Colombia intact.

The crowds were incredible in narcoterror-ravaged Cali
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

What's needed now is support from the people of the world for Colombia which has consistently shown resolve in creating peace in their country. When is the United States, through aid and free trade, going to give it to them? We're waiting for the Congressional Democrats.

GatewayPundit has much more.

The Church is a major player in calling for peace from the narcoterrorists.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

The Cardinals join too, demanding peace from the FARC.
Source: AP, via Yahoo! News

Candlelight vigil at Bolivar Square in Bogota.
Source: Reuters, via Yahoo! News

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