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Rewarding Palestinians for killing Jews

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The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved the release of 250 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. I think Olmert must be crazy! Why should Israel do any friendly gesture towards Fatah? The same Fatah who attacked Israel on countless times. Moreover Abbas controls nothing and rules over no one. If he was seen as weak now he is considered a traitor by many Palestinians, because he received support from Israel and the United States. Abbas called for an international force of 20,000 soldiers to be sent to the Gaza Strip. Imagine that: more infidels taking the side of evil Israel! Sheikh Yassin must be turning in his grave. Lets hope Meshal will join him soon. But till that moment, Abbas has no word whatsoever in front of the Palestinians and by giving him millions of $ and weapons both Israel and the US proved their stupidity and lack of vision.

In time Abbas will have no other choice than to reunite with Hamas. If Israel wants to try to negotiate peace with the Palestinians then Hamas is the right party to talk to. After all, it is the party that is liked and elected by the people. Now if they do not want peace -- namely a two state solution, negotiated borders and no right to return for the Palestinians inside Israel -- fine, then Israel should do whatever it can to protect itself and its citizens. Hard to accept but after 59 years we are still submitting to terrorists will!!

Hamas made a very nice PR stunt when it convinced the Dugmush family to release Alan Johnston. They did not do it for free. Apparently 5 mil $ and weapons were given to the Army of Islam. On top of it, Hannyeh and Mumtaz Dugmush, a former activist in the Popular Resistance Committee, and the all mighty leader of the Army of Islam agreed not to wash their clothes in public, meaning not to say a word about the crimes Hamas and Dugmush militia did together. We should not forget that it was Dugmush and Hamas who kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Before of the new agreement Dugmush said that his militia and Hamas tried to assassinate Dahlan five times. I wonder what else would have Dugmush said if it were nor for the generous payment.

This mentally disturbed, wealthy individual is part of a mafia type of family in Gaza. He now signs the official communiques of his terrorist gang with "Sheikh Mumtaz Bin-Muhammad Bin-Dughmush"

Some say that he formed the Swords of Justice, yet another terrorist gang responsible for burning internet cafes, harassing women who they thought are dress "unIslamic", shootings and other such kind of "educational" activities. Dugmush is affiliated with al Qaeda.

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