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Sorry, Colombia! Officially Launches

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A website I've been working on since Congress announced that it would not seek a free trade agreement with Colombia has officially launched. It's called Sorry, Colombia!, a play on, where users submit their apology photos for letting GWB get elected.

In this campaign, we are seeking photos from readers who are sorry that their Congressional leaders voted against the FTA, the disrespect is shows in the relationship, and the embarrassment that it brings upon us.

I implore you to check out the site and add your picture. Also, vote in the poll so that Colombians can see just how many people support them.

We will have blog posts, news updates, and podcasts that you can view. In fact, there is already some news and a podcast that you can check out already.

So like I said, check it out, blog about it, and tell everyone you know who may be interested!

UPDATE: By the way, I have created a Facebook group that you can join as well. Join it to make our numbers known! It is also a convenient place to upload the photo that you create, and I will add it to the main campaign site as well.

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