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The Attire of a True Killer

Filed under: Central Asia ~ Pakistan

Taliban-style radical Islamists and Madrassah students have been holed up in Pakistan's now-famous Red Mosque for awhile now, following several months of kidnapping and killings committed by the incited students. Some of these people are killers. Way hardcore.

Not so much the cleric doing the inciting. Yesterday, the big man behind all the action was caught sneaking out of the mosque to avoid capture as Pakistani troops surrounded the area. Not only is he not the kind of martyr and jihadist that he claims to be, but he is even more cowardly because he was caught leaving in a woman's burka!

A grab of Ajj TV shows, in circle, Abdul Aziz, chief cleric of the Red Mosque, as he is surrounded by security officials after his arrest near The Red Mosque in Islamabad. Pakistani security forces arrested Aziz as he tried to flee while disguised in an all-covering women's burqa on Wednesday, officials said.(AFP/Ajj TV)

The government then proceeded to humiliate him in front of everyone, putting him on state television still clad in the burka so that he could urge his followers to surrender. I think it's safe to assume that he has totally discredited himself. My question is, why has it taken so long to beat a guy like this?

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