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Vladimir Putin, Unhinged

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Blogger Robert Amsterdam points to two breathtaking events showing how far gone Russian dictator Vladimir Putin really is:

(1) Putin thinks America wants to invade Russia to get at its oil.

(2) Putin thinks he's the next Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he thinks that's a good thing. WaPo is also on the case.

Don't flatter yourself, sir.

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Artfldgr says:

Does anyone really have to point out the FDR was the most openly communist president in American history? That under his watch, we moved farther to the communist technological state than at any other time? that his NRA program was deemed to be unconstitutional and basically a complex system of wealth distribution? That the policies that are attributed him extended the misery of bad economic times way longer than they would have?

Then there is information from Defectors like Oleg A. Gordievsky, a constructor of the New Deal, that FDR’s closest advisor Hopkins, was an agent for the Soviet Union. (though many claimed unwitting). Such claims are also somewhat true about Carters team too, given that one of them defected from being a useful idiot and wrote a book about it. but if you can apologize and erase 100 million dead, ignoring what people say themselves is not a problem.

''Akhmerov identified the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States,'' the book says, ''as Harry Hopkins.''

Given that it was the same administration that said “in politics, nothing happens by accident”, I will not accept that Hopkins was a dupe, not with all the other stuff too.

FDR was surrounded by them, and helped promote them!!! (One of his most famous quotes was “some of my best friends are communist”. His wife, Eleanor, being a Feminist was also a communist, as that is the source of the modern doctrine. She is also thought to be a lesbian, though I don’t really care about that, so I don’t know much about her as I do other things. (as I have stated before, I don’t really care who or what leaders go to bed with, I only care that they do the job that they are hired to do).

There was Agent 19, who was thought to be Hopkins, and another person (Even by oleg), but mitroken archives straigtened that out to Laurence Duggan, who was appointed chief of the Latin American Division. He was recruited by Hede Massing, who was competing with spy Alger Hiss who also wanted the smart lad. Despite doubts and fears of being labeled a Trotskyite (which might have gotten him killed), he started providing information to a man named Akhemerov. Donald Maclean was another one who had a bright career, like duggan in the Foreign Office.

Micheal Straight, Codenames NOMAD and NIGEL, was a spy that sought work, and he went straight to FDR and his wife and had social tea with them. Mrs Roosevelt got him work in the state department. Shortly after that he was contacted by Akhmerov, whom he knew from Cambridge. He met him in a restaurante and Akhemerov took the name Mr. Green. While straight claimed to be stunned, they parted “as friends”.

Then there was Martha dodd Stern codename LIZA (daughter to US ambassador William E Dodd, and the wife of Alfred Kaufman Stern, who was also an agent). Her brother became a spy too, with the name “president”.

One of the BIGGEST fish in the pan, was Harry Dexter White, named Kasir, and later Jurist. John Abt of the justice department was thought to be agent ABT. Boris Morros, code name frost, a Hollywood producer was also a spy and in the circles.

Mary Wolf Price named KID and DIR, was secretary to Walter Lipman and reported lots back.

How far did all this go? KHOSYAIN, and “Employer” was a spy that owned a “womans fashion salon” in Baltimore.

ALL that above nearly fell apart thanks to the Nazi-Soviet pact, they knew all about it, but the rest of America would not know till long after. Hwoever that agreement shook things up.

One of the biggest players… dubbed the Wily Armenian, was prolific.. he was more concerned with technology and had acquired more than 18,000 pages of documents, 487 sets of designs, and 54 samples of technology for russia to steal.

However, it was Ovakimyan who was the first to suggest using INO officer, as an exchange student, to penetrate security at MIT. It created a funnel for scientific innovation that the world thinks is Russian.

Much of all this is credited to “the remarkably lax security of the Roosevelt administration”.

Now the kicker is that Witticker chambers reported as much as he could to Adolf Berle, wittiker being a courier. Berle was the sassistent secretary of state at the time, and was adviser to Roosevelt on internal security. From that, a memo was drawn up for Roosevelt wich listed harry dexter white, alger hiss, and many more..

One of the KEY names on the list, was Lauchlin Currie (who was misspelled in the memo as Lockwood Curry)… Roosevelt was not interested.

He dismissed it all as absurd (which the above comes from mitrokin), and berle shelved the whole thing. (a smart statesman he figured that if this was the reaction, then Roosevelt was either delusional in casting it away out of hand, or was in on it. given all the other things he did, most think he was in on it and was part of it as well, but too clever and well placed to be tagged, other than his record, and this history which most assumed would never be known. Suffice it to say, that in the future there will never be records again like this).

During this same time, I can list out name after name after name… even CPUSA was heavily implicated, something that even today many deny (but NYU has their histories, and no one knows what they will let out, find, or allow given the slant of academia).

Earl Browder was Rulevoy, and Helmsman (he was recruited in jail for using a fake passport to go back and forth to the soviet union), and later became the head of CPUSA, and a player on the game board.

He was recruited by a man named Francis X Waldron, also named Eugene Dennis, code named RYAN, who was commintern, and later succeeded Browder as CPUSA general secretary.

Is it any wonder that our CIA has the history it has? Well all you need to know is that Dennis reported that MANY party members went to try to work for the office of strategic services. OSS was the precursor to the CIA, so our intelligence agencies have NEVER been clear or clean, which makes the adding up of who and whys even harder than it would be if you assumed that it was a clean farm.

Duncan Chaplain code named Koch was one of the first, and became personal assistant to the head of the agency. Donovan and many others were playing the game of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and was once quoted as saying “I would put stalin on the payroll if it would help defeat Hitler”. The use of questionable people and such was always there, and started with this person!! so if ya want to know who to blame for how business is done, here is a chance.

The CPUSA helped kill Trotsky, recruited tons of spies, useful idiots and fellow travelers. The connections run all the way through government and through its organs like a desease, and Roosevelt was presiding at the time, molding a communist, state, and didn’t care about them…

Mcarthy later would try to clean house, but by then things were well situated, as they still are today!!!

We will most likely never know the real extent of it, as mitroken archives are not comprehensive and cover everything by a long shot.

Though people think that such things take LOTS of resources and capability, but in truth, it took very little and there are even more all around now than then, and they have the same end desire as then.

It was Roosevelt that pulled the lid over everyones eyes and let NKVD put their influence into everything American…. To the point that no matter what policy your analyzing, it is hard to tell whether that action was taken because that represented American interests, or the person was or is a plant that represents soviet interests.

I can see putin presiding over a huge spy network. And I can see that he has better information than the small librarian who only got to see parts of things. so I can see that he would imagine that he was as great a communist subversive as Roosevelt was, for if they look at things, and know this history (which is more a certainty than people in the west), then he (Roosevelt) was a bigger hero for the soviet union than he was a good American!

To read the histories is scarier than the scariest horror movie or spy flick you have ever seen. It reads like a list of American heroes, giants and such… From Armand Hammer, being a communist subversive, to people in the state house, to small stores and organizations.

Estimates that the soviets had as many as 100,000 people mining information. and like stalins line of one is a trajedy, a million is a state. 100, is believable, 100k nationally is unbelievable. However, most were not paid for their work, most got paid by being maniplatied into a place of power that had its own salary. So taking a clerk and using your resources to move them up till they have a position, access, and a 200k salary with other perks at your enemies expense, is not that expensive.

Back home in the soviet union, they had a domestic spy apparatus that was HUMONGOUS, and that’s saying it lightly… so size being a limiting factor is not a proxy for the historical truth in place of facts.

It was such assistance that allowed and helped the soviets get nuclear weapons, of which they did not need them as they lacked them at the time America used two… and so the defense position is false as that was the best time to do what they CLAIM the fear.

Today, china, cuba, iran, korea, etc would all not be a situation for anyone if it wasn’t for Roosevelt and his willingness to look the other way and prevent the rest of the government from doing the job that they were paid and some elected to do.

After this time, things got tighter… and so they created an illegals directorate… this allowed them to use westerners and immigres, since the people of russia now being raised under the other system couldn’t understand the western system and so could not remain invisible as those who left and were living in places like little Odessa.

Though by this time, FDR was gone… and things moved on… though to this day, since the soviet union has not ever really fallen nor has its intelligence agencies stopped. The US has never been denuded of all these operatives. In fact the way this is all in place, the other ex soviet nations are questionable as to how things really are.

Yup.. I can see why putin fancies himself like FDR, and would make him a hero IF he knows even as much as we do, and its sure he knows more, so yeah, to him, FDR was a soviet hero of huge proportions.

Artfldgr says:

fished from all over... (but essentially correct - let me know if something is not right).

Every choice made in the New Deal, whether it was one that moved recovery or not, was a choice unerringly true to the essential design of totalitarian government -

To extend the power of executive government, to rule by decrees and rules and regulations of its own making; between 1933 and 1943 FDR issued 3,556 Executive orders
To strengthen its hold on the economic life of the nation;
To extend power over the individual - the domestication of individuality;
To degrade the parliamentary principle;
To impair the independent Constitutional judicial power;
To weaken all other powers - private enterprise and finance, state and local government.
It is almost amusing that FDR built a cult of personality just as Hitler and Stalin did - it is necessary in a tyranny because in rule by men, loyalty is not to law or country but to a person. Power then depends on such a cult.
I'm so tired - Oh so tired - of the whole New Deal;
Of the juggler's smile; the barker's spiel.
Tired of taxes on my ham and eggs;
Tired of payoffs to political yeggs.
I'm tired of farmer's goose-stepping to laws;
Of millions of itching job-holder's paws;
Of Fireside Talks over commandeered mikes;
Of passing more laws to stimulate strikes.
I'm tired of the hourly-increasing debt;
I'm tired of promises still to be met;
Of eating and sleeping by Government plan;
Of calmly forgetting the Forgotten Man.
I'm tired of every new brain-trust thought;
Of the ship of state - now a pleasure yacht.
I'm tired of cheating the courts by stealth;
And terribly tired of sharing my wealth.
I'm tired and bored with the whole New Deal;
With its juggler's smile and barker's spiel.

1935 Supreme Court unanimously ruled FDR's National Recovery Administration (NRA -a.k.a. Nuts Running America), the centerpiece of the New Deal, unconstitutional (Schechter v US). The NRA was a total assault on free enterprise. Industry was to be straight jacketed into government-mandated cartels given the authority to set prices, determine production levels, and regulate the workplace. This was something akin to Mussolini's fascist corporativism; and expanded executive power at the expense of the Congress and the courts. Democrat Senator Carter Glass denounced the NRA as "the utterly dangerous effort of the federal government at Washington to transplant Hitlerism to every corner of this nation."
1936 Supreme Court ruled FDR's Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) unconstitutional (US v Butler). This was the program that plowed crops under and senselessly slaughtered millions of animals at a cost of $700,000,000 over two years. By cutting corn production the US had to import 30 million bushels from abroad. The Supreme Court ruled the AAA was "a central government exercising uncontrolled police power in every state of the union."
In 1934, the British Leninist theoretician R. Palme Dutt published a scathing analysis of the New Deal as "social fascism" - as the reality of fascism cloaked with a thin veneer of populist demagogy. The Roosevelt policy, wrote Dutt, was to impose a State monopoly capitalism through the NRA, to subsidize business, banking, and agriculture through inflation and the partial expropriation of the mass of the people through lower real-wage rates and to the regulation and exploitation of labor by means of government-fixed wages and compulsory arbitration. When the New Deal, wrote Dutt, is stripped of its "social-reformist progressive camouflage," the reality is a new Fascist type of system of concentrated State capitalism and industrial servitude. The motive for FDR sending observers to Italy to learn how to implement Fascism in America is that the left at the time believed that Fascism was a midpoint between capitalism and Soviet-style Communism, that it was a large and useful step. They believed by converting capitalism to Fascism and then Fascism to Communism, violent revolution was unnecessary.

1935 When the Supreme Court was deciding whether gold repayment clauses in government bonds could be unilaterally voided, FDR prepared to defy them if they voted against him. He prepared a fireside chat to announce that he would not comply and when the Court reluctantly found 5-4 in his favor, FDR confided to an aide "The nation will never know what a great treat it missed in not hearing the marvelous radio address."
When asked to do something about silver, FDR said, "All right. I experimented with gold and that was a flop. Why shouldn't I experiment a little with silver?" FDR had confiscated all US gold at $20.67 an ounce and then raised the price to $35.
1937 with both the Social Security Act and the Wagner Act pending before the Supreme Court, FDR proposed in Congress that he pack the Supreme Court by "re-organizing" it by allowing him to appoint six new justices.
1938 Congress defeated FDR's dictator bill.
1938-1939 FDR stated a policy that the Soviet Union could build destroyers in the United States.
1940 - For the election, FDR repeatedly promised to keep the country out of war and then did everything in his power to involve the country in war. No national leader in history has ever so brazenly lied to his people about such an important national issue: war or peace, life or death.
March 1941 - FDR rammed the Lend-Lease Act, a.k.a. Lenin-Lease, thru Congress. Both selling munitions to belligerents and convoying them were acts of war and contrary to international law. FDR publicly represented this as a peace measure. Previously he had said, "Convoys mean shooting and shooting means war." Roosevelt impressed on his aides about Russia, "we can let them have almost everything they want."
14 August 1941 - During the Atlantic conference, FDR entered into an illegal and unconstitutional agreement with Churchill that America would go to war if Japan attacked British territory in the Far East. FDR said: "I may never declare war; I may make war. If I were to ask Congress to declare war they might argue about it for three months." This was an impeachable offense. The best discussion of it is in And I Was There by Admiral Layton, NY, 1985, Chapter 11. Churchill immediately after gave a radio address saying that he and FDR had "jointly pledged their countries to the final destruction of Nazi tyranny" and the Atlantic Charter itself refers to that destruction. In mid-October the US asked for and received permission to build airfields on Dutch and British Far East colonies.
8 Oct 1941 - FDR ordered US vessels to shoot German vessels on sight. FDR lied to Congress about the USS Greer and Kearny incidents, in an attempt to get them to declare war against Germany. He lost all credibility. FDR also sent troops to occupy Greenland, Iceland and the Canary Islands without authority and illegally using conscripts. (See Charles Beard's President Roosevelt and The Coming of War 1941)
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said FDR had a second-class intellect. The British Ambassador Lord Halifax called FDR's decision making like "a disorderly day's rabbit shooting." Secretary of War Stimson said FDR governed by a "topsy turvy, upside-down system of poor administration...The President is the poorest administrator I have ever worked under..." Harold Smith, Director of the Budget 1939-1946, said Roosevelt was "a very erratic administrator." FDR made a point of not reading books and not consulting experts. FDR was full of tall tales about himself, for example that he had been a combatant in WWI when he had actually avoided service. Even FDR's friends called him mentally light, mendacious, lacking wit, unreliable, petty, vengeful and manipulative. His nicknames were Chief Disorganizer and Chief Manipulator. Walter Lippmann wrote of FDR "his mind is not very clear, his purposes are not simple, and his methods are not direct." Stimson said that "His mind does not follow easily a consecutive train of thought..." British Foreign Secretary Eden called the Roosevelt administration "a mad house." Lord Halifax said FDR's ideas were "pretty inchoate" and Eden called them "feckless"(feeble). FDR was the first President unable to write his own speeches. FDR's Secretary of Labor said he had a "streak of vanity and insincerity." His Secretary of Interior Ickes called him "an inactive and uninspiring President." Churchill said that FDR had no ideas at all. Lord Moran wrote that FDR had used his shrewdness to cover his ignorance, but at Yalta his shrewdness was gone and there was nothing left.
FDR used the IRS to investigate his enemies, e.g. Father Coughlin, Rep. Hamilton Fish, publisher Moe Annenberg of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Charles Lindbergh. He also stopped investigations of his friends like Lyndon B. Johnson who had committed tax fraud.
FDR requested the FBI files of his political opponents, e.g. Senator Nye. As he was happily discussing with his circle the sex lives of his enemies, J. Edgar Hoover was tapping Eleanor's phone! For a general discussion by presidential historians of FDR's abuse of the FBI see PBS NewsHour: -- July 5, 1996. FDR's youngest son John said, "Hell, my father just about invented bugging. Had them spread all over, and thought nothing of it." The No. 3 man at the FBI confirmed that to Congress in 1974.
FDR abused the Secret Service, having them investigate the source of an unfavorable story in the Wall Street Journal.
FDR used the prestige of the Presidency to enrich his dysfunctional sons through their many shady business deals. He not only phoned financiers but met with them. Jimmy made $100,000 selling insurance to government contractors in 1939, $25,000 more than his father. Elliot made $1,175,000 from 1933-1941 on the strength of his White House connections. In 1939 Elliot got his father to personally strong-arm A & P Tea Company to loan Elliot $200,000 secured by shares of a shakey Texas radio station. In 1942 the President gave $4,000 back in return for the stock, saying that it was worthless. It was worth $1 million. A & P took the $196,000 loss off their tax returns, so the US Treasury and public took the hit. FDR was also guilty of nepotism, hiring Jimmy as his secretary in 1937. Elliot became a brigadier-general in months. Eleanor made at least $3 million from 1933-1945 in lecture and writing fees, which is not bad for someone who had no earning power before she entered the White House. She also got a $10,000 fur coat from Canadian fur breeders, a gold bracelet from Emperor Haile Selassie and a gold crown from the Sultan of Morocco. When FDR had destroyed a Tammany Hall politician, he had said "What of a public official who allows a member of his family to obtain favors or benefits through his political connections?" FDR often requested and got original die sheets (back to 1896) and imperferate first sheets of stamps from the Post Office at cost, knowing that they were worth $20,000 each to collectors. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars on these stamps. In the sons' defense, their parents' example suggested that life was a scramble to satisfy personal needs and appetites. (Flynn Bk 3, ch 2, 'The White House Goes into Business')
FDR used the very worst elements of the mob to funnel New Deal money into big cities in order to bring the political machines to their knees and ultimately control them through the mafia. In NYC he used Jimmy Hines associate of the notorious Dutch Schutz; in Chicago it was Al Capone's man Ed Kelly; it was Frank Hague in New Jersey and this pattern was repeated across the country. FDR was mobbed up. (Flynn, Bk 2, ch 8, pt 1)
TAXES - Roosevelt & the Congress raised the effective federal tax rate by 700% between 1932 & 1939. --- John H. Makin & Norman J. Ornstein 1994 _Debt & Taxes_ pg 95.

Artfldgr says:

In 1990 co-president Harry Hopkins was exposed as the top KGB top agent during the war. (Inside the KGB Chris Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky pp 287-288)

In 1995 Hopkins was identified by the NSA in VENONA intercepts (KGB and GRU messages from DC to Moscow) as "Agent 19."

Originally in 1937-39 Hopkins was a GRU agent recruited by Akhmerov but was turned over to the KGB in August 1939.

FDR's KGB cover name was "KAPITAN."
(Source "Venona Source 19 and the Trident Conference of 1943" by Eduard Mark in IQ and National Security vol 13 (1998) no. 2)

See if you can detect a pattern in the Roosevelt administration:

KGB agent Alger Hiss was No. 2 at the State Department,

KGB agent Harry Dexter White was No. 2 at Treasury,

Harry Hopkins was No 2 in the country.

What is the significance of the fact that FDR's alter ego, his top advisor, Deputy President, Acting President, his brain, the man who controlled FDR completely, the President in all but name was a KGB agent? "But far more than that, he was for several years the main prop and animator of Roosevelt himself." (Winston Churchill, GRAND ALLIANCE, p23)

Harry called the American people "his enemy." He told FDR "the American people are too damn dumb to ever sense what we are doing to them."

Artfldgr says:

OK.. lets hit the quotes…

FDR gave a speech in Troy, NY, 3 March 1912, in which he laid out his philosophy - he placed the "liberty of the community" over "the liberty of the individual." He said competition was bad but cooperation was good. The speech was a concerted assault on the idea of private property. "...why can we not...predict that the state will compel every farmer to till his land or raise beef or horses?" He also claimed that the state could force "idle" men to labor. He imposed no limits on the power of the state. His definition "by liberty we mean happiness and prosperity" is not liberty at all but could as well mean slavery. He pointed to the Germans as proving that we "had passed beyond the limits of the individual." In his first inaugural speech, he said, "rulers of the exchange of mankind's goods have failed" and threatened Congress and asked for dictatorial powers.

Earl Browder, a regular Bolshevik and General Secretary of the Communist Party USA, went wild with delight and excitement over FDR's speeches. "If the New Deal could be established, it should be possible to proceed from this, step by step, without violent overturning, to socialism." Earl, who was also a Russian spymaster, ran his base of operations from the White House and hired and fired administration officials at all levels. FDR pardoned him from a 5 year prison sentence in 1942.

George Bernard Shaw said FDR "is a communist but does not know it." Of course he did know it, but it would have been political suicide to express it.

Anyone care to expand Shaws history?

"The exciting thing about him, as about Stalin, is that he, too, has more of the appearance of having modern objectives, however incompletely apprehended, than anyone else in the world." H.G. Wells

After reading Well's autobiography in which he called for a 'greater effort' for Communism, FDR wrote him "your direction and mine are not so far apart."

"The Russian newspapers during the last election (1932) published the photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt over the caption 'the first communistic President of the United States'." -- Senator Thomas D. Schall

FDR said it was time for US "to become fairly radical for at least one generation. History shows that where this occurs occassionally, nations are saved from revolution...Wait until next year, I am going to be really radical." "National thinking, national PLANNING and national action are the three great essentials...'socialism' has probably done more to prevent Communism and rioting and revolution than anything else in the last 4 or 5 years."

FDR liked to call himself the Kerensky of the American revolution.

Anyone want to explain to our readers who Kerensky was?

Stalin called FDR in Dec 1933, "a decided and courageous leader." In 1934 he praised FDR's "initiative, courage and determination".

"You have been faithless. You have usurped the function of Congress, hampered freedom of the press...You have urged Congress to pass laws that you knew were unconstitutional...You have broken your sacred oath taken on the Bible." Teddy Roosevelt Jr.

August 13, 1938, The House Un-American Affairs received testimony from John Frey, president of an AFL union, about 280 Communist Party members in the CIO and that communists had infiltrated the government in almost every bureau through the United Office and Professional Workers Union. FDR , who was very angry, met with Chairman Dies and told him "Well, there is no one interested in Communism, no one at all. I've heard it all my life. There is no menace here in Communism...there is nothing wrong with the Communists in this country. Several of my best friends are Communist." The bitterest attack FDR ever made publicly against a public official was against Dies for his investigation of Communist influences in union sit-down strikes. FDR refused cooperation with the Dies committee and tried to kill it by blocking funds to it in 1940. Dies claimed there were 3,000 communists working in government.

When his Chief of Security Berle brought him information from the Communist courier Whittaker Chambers that there were 2 Soviet spy rings at the highest levels of his administration, naming names like Hiss, White and Silvermaster, FDR told him to "go jump in a lake." The report was suppressed for years. The KGB archives list 221 agents in the most sensitive sections of the Roosevelt administration in April 1941. There were probably a like number of Soviet military GRU agents.

[for those not in the know.. KGB (then NKVD), and GRU, are independent. Despite the fact that the head of GRU is always a KGB man, both are independent and spy on each other and have their own operations. Historically speaking many of the famous purges and such are the results of battles between KGB and GRU]

“Submission, not freedom is to be the future badge of the United States...the overturn of institutions, including the Constitution, is the avowed goal of his (FDR's) immediate advisors. -- Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby, in Portland, OR, Sept. 1934

Father Coughlin said in 1936 that the New Deal had its feet of clay mired "one in the Red mud of Soviet communism and the other in the stinking cesspool of pagan plutocracy." Also "the efforts are made for low, practical purposes to confuse a Christian program of social justice with a Godless program of communism."

The week before the 1944 election, Izvestia wrote "to announce joyfully that Mr. Roosevelt's return was secure" and predicted an American Reichstag fire.

In 1946 FDR's son Elliot wrote a book titled As He Saw It which was meant to be the memoir that his father never wrote. It quoted many important private conversations and opinions of FDR. The real inside story scandalized the keepers of FDR's myth, who said that it put the words of the communist newspaper The Daily Worker into his father's mouth. The truth hurts.

"that the time has arrived to build a new kind of government founded on the doctrine of the good neighbor and not the cruel doctrine of 'rugged individualism.' " Louis Howe (The thinker behind FDR) quoting FDR. Howe shaped FDR and Eleanor the way Fulbright shaped Clinton.

In early 1939, FDR tried to become a card-carrying communist. He applied for membership in the front League of American Writers but Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist Party USA, returned his application saying, "Don't get mixed up in this. There is going to be a lot of controversy about it."

FDR's choice, when he was aware that he was dying, for vice-president was Henry "The people's revolution is on the march" Wallace, a communist; that FDR had supported the communists in the Spanish Civil War and had tried to get the neutrality act repealed for them, that FDR sold out Eastern Europe to the Soviets at Yalta; that FDR made Karl Marx's primary goal, redistribution of income, his primary goal; that he was against loyalty oaths; that remarkably there was not a single prosecution of any Soviet spy during his Presidency; that when 12 communists were arrested by the FBI in Detroit in 1940 that he removed the FBI's power to make arrests; that he vetoed a bill to deport communist aliens in 1940; that he several times blocked the extradition of communists; that he constantly sent "greetings" to various Red organizations and took every opportunity in public to praise Stalin's regime.

Anyone hear shades of bush in this:
When he returned to the United States from Yalta, FDR told his Cabinet that he had found in Stalin "something else in his being besides this revolutionist, Bolshevik thing."

"I think that something entered into his nature of the way in which a Christian gentleman should behave," Roosevelt declared. On Sept 30, 1941 FDR told reporters that there was freedom of religion in the USSR, right after 2 million Christians had been butchered and the churches were still burning: religious control was "essentially what is the rule in this country; only we don't put it quite the same way." "I may say that I got along fine with Marshall Stalin. He is a man who combines a tremendous relentless determination with a stalwart good humor. I believe he is truly representative of the heart and soul of Russia; and I believe that we are going to get along very well with him and the Russian people - very well indeed." --FDR after Teheran Conference.

OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, had so many communists that it was jokingly said that OSS stood for "Oh, So Socialist and Office of Soviet Stooges."

Joe Kennedy complained to FDR that he was surrounded by "Jews and communists."

When the FBI started tracking communist leaks from the [Manhattan] project, they were ordered to stop investigating.

Earl Browder praised FDR to the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, USA, in September 1934 and they officially threw their support behind him. Prior to that time, they had refrained because they knew the value of communist opposition - the public would support what communists attacked. However, by 1934 that ploy had worn thin so they had no reason not to openly support FDR. The Communist international conference in Moscow in 1935 ordered support for FDR. In the Fall of 1936 Moscow ordered support for FDR in the election. The communist-controlled unions were FDR's main constituency and power base. In 1936 a communist union put up 1/2 million dollars for his campaign and an unlimited number of labor campaign workers. It is a statistical fact that FDR could not have won his last two terms without the Red vote. Therefore, FDR was a wholly-owned subsidiary of those communist unions (not all unions were controlled by communists, but many were through Stalin's agent Joseph Zack). FDR spent millions on propaganda for Stalin like the nonsense book and movie Mission to Moscow which had these fine lines: "Stalin's brown eye is exceedingly kind and gentle. A child would like to sit in his lap and a dog would sidle up to him." Your tax dollars at work. The House Un-American Affairs Committee in 1940 released the names of 563 communists in his administration. Both Republican candidates for President Landon and Dewey accused FDR of being a communist, as did Hearst who called FDR's administration "more communistic than the Communists."

FDR defined Freedom of Religion as Stalin did.

FDR defined Freedom of Speech as Stalin did, i.e. he used the Marxist formulation 'Freedom of Information' in his speeches.

FDR pressed a bill to eliminate the right to bear arms, the guarantee of all others.

FDR told Churchill that "an unwritten Constitution is better than a written one." When reminded there was the Constitution, FDR said after his 1936 inauguration "Yes, but it's the Constitution as I understand it - flexible enough (to do what he wanted)." He admiringly told Churchill that Stalin didn't have to worry about Congresses and Parliaments, "he's the whole works."

In a letter to a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, FDR wrote- " I hope your committee will not permit doubt as to Constitutionality, however reasonable, to block the suggested legislation." FDR did not believe in Constitutional checks and balances - he tried to destroy and was prepared to defy the Supreme Court and Congress. He did not believe in advice and consent or the rule of law - he waged war and made treaties without Congressional approval. He did not believe in representative democracy and often said that since Congress did not reflect the will of the people they should be ignored.

Probably the best exposition of FDR's procedures regarding the rule of law vs the rule of men was said by his top deputy, KGB agent Harry Hopkins, to his aides - "I want to assure you that we are not afraid of exploring anything within the law, and we have here a lawyer who will declare anything you want to do legal."

FDR defined democracy just as Joseph Stalin did - as the mere act of voting. (Of course he believed it was good to lie to the people to influence their votes. He also engaged in vote fraud - he won the 1928 NY Governor's race solely with massive vote fraud in Buffalo.) In a famous speech FDR said "The truth of the matter was that the public neither knew or understood what was involved...In other words, public opinion would be easy to manipulate." So much for the public will.

Liberalism and Communism are both infected with the same materialistic secular virus and have such philosophical affinity that usually they can not be distinguished. Their identical world-view creates a "strong affinity between the Communists and New Dealers; between the progressive and totalitarian visions of the maximalist state." (Professor Herman)

On March 7, 1942, FDR ordered every agency to give priority shipments to the USSR "without regard to the effect of these shipments on any other part of the war program."

On April 3, 1942 FDR wrote Churchill: "Your people and mine demand the establishment of a second front to draw off pressure on the Russians...Even if full success is not attained, the big objective will be." Big objective? What was that if not saving communism?

Hopkins, speaking for FDR, told the British that on the second front "depended the preservation of all that democracy held dear." Hopkins stressed to Churchill "that the disposition of the United States was to take great risks to relieve the Russian front." FDR assured Molotov that he was prepared to sacrifice 120,000 British men for a second front.

Remember that Molotov was the architect of the agreement to START the war WITH Hitler!!!!

FDR unilaterally gave Stalin 1/3 of the captured Italian fleet without consulting Churchill. At Yalta he suggested giving large parts of the US and British merchant marine to the Russians.

FDR wrote Churchill about India that "the best solution would be reform, from the bottom, somewhat on the Soviet line."

At the Teheran conference, France was to be made a third-rate power, Germany was to be divided in to 6 or more states and stripped of all industry and technology, mines flooded, so-called pastoralization - a plan to turn Germany into a gigantic Buchanwald. Most of this plan was implemented. e.g. slave labor and 767 factories were shipped to Russia. The leaking of this drastic plan, written by communist agent Harry White, was used as a club to prevent Germany from surrendering to GB and US. FDR expressed his hope for Germany's future this way: "We have got to be tough with Germany and I mean the German people, not just Nazis. You either have to castrate them or you have to treat they can't go on reproducing people who want to in the past." (Freidel, p 550) Poland was given to the Soviets. FDR later told a Hyde Park visitor that he was sick and tired of the Poles and other Eastern Europeans clamoring about their boundaries and sovereignties.

Yalta - gave Stalin's enslavement of 725 million people moral legitimacy (not counting 193 million Soviets). He lay in Stalin's lap the existence of little nations and the lives of little peoples he had sworn to defend. FDR didn't demur at a single request or suggestion from Stalin. Just for signing the agreement, he was given Sakhalen Island, the Kurile Islands, Manchuria, Outer Mongolia, parts of China and 3,000 tanks, 75,000 motor vehicles and 5,000 planes for his Far East Army who were incapable of taking China without US aid. Stalin demanded and got 20 million Germans for slave labor for an indefinite period. As Hopkins said "The Russians have given us so much at this conference that I don't think we should let them down." FDR told Stalin that he would make Britain give up Hong Kong.

When Churchill prevented the communists from taking Greece on Christmas 1944, FDR was extremely angry and demanded that a commission be formed to rule Greece, headed by a Russian.

When the US took Italy in 1943, a US ship brought communist leader Togliatti from the SU and the allies gave almost all mete'rial and political favors to the communists in Italy and Yugoslavia. Italian Premier De Gasperi called it "the Roosevelt climate."

April 11, 1945, The 9th Army under General Simpson was 24 hours from Berlin with no resistance in front and they were ordered not to cross the Elbe. Simpson wrote that he had six or seven divisions, two Army corps, in very good shape, with railroads bringing in supplies and hundreds of 10-ton truck companies, and two bridges across the river. He claimed there was no doubt that he could have taken Berlin easily 2 weeks before the Russians did. But FDR had given Berlin to Stalin at Yalta and so Eisenhower sent a unilateral telegram to Stalin, violating the chain of command and ignoring the combined chiefs, that Stalin could have Berlin. (full discussion in Nisbet pp 83-90) Patton was stopped outside Prague and had to watch Germans killing civilians a few days before the Russians got there. FDR had agreed to immediately withdraw US and British troops from all of Germany after the surrender.

Mass Murderer - At Yalta, FDR agreed to round up 2 million Russian nationals in Germany, Italy and France to be forcibly deported to Russia for execution (See OPERATION KEELHAUL by Julius Epstein, 1973; THE SECRET BETRAYAL by N. Tolstoy, 1978; THE LAST SECRET by N. Bethall, 1974). Among other things, this was a violation by the US of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.

At the Teheran Conference, Stalin made a toast that 50,000 Nazis should be summarily put in front of a firing squad. Churchill was shocked, "I will not be a party to any butchery in cold blood." FDR then said, "Shall we say 49,500?" Churchill left the room in protest.

There is so much more that it boggles the mind..

And even weirder, is when you argue with someone without all this in their history (like Russian)… when they say.. AMERICA did this, or AMERICA did that… do they also include THIS history? Do they correct the mental picture of pure Americans in office doing what they want… nope.. a VAST majority of them would not, and do not even know about hiss, white, and all the others, and that rather than this being what AMERICA and what AMERICANS want, it was what the SOVIETS want.

This makes blaming a VERY difficult game, for if you decide to blame some form of American politics and such from 1918 on… you would first have to weed out all these others to determine if they had influence or not… then you MIGHT be referring to something that America actually did, or just referring to one of MANY MANY MANY different forms of subversives, whose agenda is not the agenda of the people of the US.

Just like nancy Pelosi playing the move on the Armenian thing NOW, and with all those who set it up.. lucky? Or the result of a think tank trying to find things that this side can do to turn things without the people knowing who is steering.

Hey Russian: you mentioned that Russia is not powerful enough, and that the US could beat them, so they are not a threat. What if russia is driving the US? then who is the most powerful? The one in the military who uses a gun, or the state that controls the military? Who is the most powerful.. the one who is weak and no one (like sun tzu pointed out), or the one than can order people in his enemies camp to do whats wrong for the enemy and right for him? Russia doesn’t need to be strong enough to beat the US and march in… its already beat America ideologically.. all it has to do is maintain and HOPE that a sovietized US wont do what other communist states do. have wars of LIBERATION… and guess what we HAVE started to do… while Mao had a war of liberation for China… and lennin had one for russia..

The US now is doing the communist “war of liberation” dance. about the only real fear putin has is that an American communist state might be more like him than he would like.

Russian says:

Yeh, yeh. And the last communist presideent of the USA was Bill Clinton.

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