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Boston is the New Vancouver

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I'm always surprised at the superficial manner in which some idiots insist on seeing the devaluation of the U.S. currency. It has many benefits.

Reuters reported earlier this week, for instance, that Boston's film industry is now booming as it steals a huge number of Hollywood features away from such formerly attractive locations as Vancouver, Canada. Boston has cleverly combined an aggressive set of tax incentives with the falling value of the U.S. currency and marketed itself as a far more attractive location space for movies than Canada (it's a much older city with far more character and charm than anything Canada has to offer).

Result? This year's revenues from movie productions are more than double what the state got last year, totally a whopping $125 million in direct investment alone. How many more millions will the state reap when tourists start seeing sexy locations displayed in projects like "The Lonely Maiden" starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, William H. Macy and Marcia Gay Harden (or Denzel Washington's "The Great Debaters" or the Mick Jagger-produced "The Women" starring Meg Ryan) and flock to check them out?

(Good times are rolling in Boston, as right now they city is dominating both professional basketball and football with their Celtics and Patriots.)

Sure, the falling dollar means Americans can't so easily afford Japanese video games and televisions -- but it also means a strong incentive will be created for Americans to enter fields where previously they have been displaced by foreign competition. Jobs will be created, and American money will stay in American hands

Even as we speak, the government of Russia is locked in a desperate battle with inflation, a beast which threatens to price ordinary people right out of every market in the country -- and one of the reasons is the way Russia's currency has appreciated because of the rising price of crude oil. Russia has to stockpile most of its revenues from oil against the need to buy foreign currency and keep the ruble from fanning the flames of inflation into a conflagration.

So the next time you hear some dolt blabbering about the horror of a falling dollar tell to go to . . . a movie theater (maybe even one in Russia)!

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Leon Walsky says:

Far more Character and Charm than anything Canada has to offer? Ever been to the 400-year-old Quebec City or St John's, Newfoundland? I guess not. Pull your head out of your behind.

La Russophobe says:

I mean character and charm in a big-city, movie-making kind of way, not a country-bumpkin, general store kind of way. People were raising the city of Boston long before anybody ever had the slightest idea of Canada, and from their building the most powerful country the world has ever known. Canada's nice but, in case you haven't noticed, hardly anybody lives there because it's really quite boring.

Last time I checked, Canada still had images of a foreign monarch on its money. It hasn't even really become a country yet.

And, just FYI, saying things like "pull your head out of your behind" isn't exactly the best way to prove you are charming.

Leon_walsky says:

Are you aware how silly you look when say things like, "from their building the most powerful country the world has ever known." In the context of this conversation?
P.S. read up on North American history. Plus Quebec city is a world heritage site and the oldest city in North America so kiss your, "People were raising the city of Boston long before anybody ever had the slightest idea of Canada" argument goodbye. Maybe you should read some books, instead of writing ignorant columns.
As for boring? Yes, most of Canada is, but at least we aren't daft too.

Leon_walsky says:

Also, if you're so great how come you're the "New Vancouver"? Is the "Current Boston" that bad? Why are you chasing a city half your size and a quarter your age with a different ethnic make-up and climate/geography?
Do they actually pay you to write this column? Or did you just hack into the website and post this drecht?

Clint says:

Forgive the guy, some Americans have a stunted knowledge of history where everything was a prelude to the American empire and that empire will last for all time. America invented freedom and democracy after all. He will get even more desperate as it becomes obvious to even him that the USA is crumbling under under ignorance and arrogance.

If you want to find the old world charm in North America then you need to go to the old city in Quebec... if you want "any city USA" you can go to the original Vancouver and just skip the cheap imitation version with its lack of quality film workers and facilities. If you want to work in the US then just go where they actually know how to make films- New Orleans maybe.

In the world of cinema production it is Los Angeles, New York and then Vancouver... the side show called bean town is a wanna be that never will be.

La Russophobe says:

It's interesting that you mention Quebec. I can't agree with you regarding it's purported claim to fame, but I will anyway, and then I'll remind you of something you seem to have forgotten, that they want out of Canada in the worst way. So if you're right, perhaps its their cool factor that explains their desire to leave, too cool for Canada's school?

Leon Walsky says:

Again, you show your ignorance. Last referendum in 1995 the separatists were defeated, by a very narrow margin. Since then, the movement has died out. The Bloc Quebecois has lost many seats in the House of Commons and the Parti Quebecois no longer controls the provincial legislature. The youth of Quebec don't want a separate nation anymore. That was their grandparent's movement. And it had nothing to do with "being cool" it had to do with being oppressed by and English minority in their own province. It's clear you know nothing about Canada, or Quebec and have probably never been their. The sad thing is, I have nothing against Boston. My issue was your silly comments regarding Canada. You keep getting sillier and sillier too. Keep it up, its entertaining for anyone who knows what they're talking about.

leon walsky says:

And let's talk about boring and "cool."

Let's check out Montreal, insane city... crazy sex clubs all over, wicked nightlife, interesting French liberal outlook on everything. Lots of history and character.
Let's look at Vancouver; GOREGEOUS city. You can Snowboard, mountainbike and windsurf all in the same day. VERY dense population. And almost half of the city's 2.3 million were born somewhere else in the world, making for an interesting ethnic pile in that dense area. The olympics coming in 2010. A serious heroin problem and a massive ghetto on the Downtown eastside where many new ideas are always attempted to find solutions to the problem (Granted, not from the useless mayor) and damned good weed. I have a friend who's lived all over the US including New York and San Diego and says he's staying in Vancouver because it's the coolest place he's lived yet.
The rest of the country, besides halifax and Saint John's I find unremarkable. COme for a visit, though. You'll be surprised. That all said, I've never been to Boston and it's my next choice for a US city to visit. But, I guess that's just me being actually curious, instead of jumping to conclusions based on social myths.

seb says:

Leon... first of all the separatist is not dead in Quebec, still strong with the youth... just not as strong as it use to be.... and this is from a Quebecker who loves Canada... canada isnt boring.... every province have something.... you said leon that other than what you mention Canada is boring... sorry.... I guess you never been to the Yukon, the Canadian rockies, etc.... If you where talking about the cities, for sure we dont have in Canada such big cities than the US... we are only 33 millions for good sake.... but still, in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, you can find lot`s of things to do. Even Winnipeg, nickmane Chicago of the North can surprise you.

In short... all this article is ridiculous..... because the writer of the article only said one stupide sentence but a big one.... for the rest it`s true that Boston is a great cities and true that the good canadian money make Canada less attractive for film... but Vancouver still a big production citie.... even the New X files movie will be shot in Vancouver....

leon_walsky says:

I never said it was dead, I said it was going down hill. And it is, I used to live in Trois Riveries (and still can't spell it correctly) and was surprised to see how much the youth didn't seem to be into all... Parizeau even came to speak at UQTR and only got like one hundred people showing up for it. So, it's hardly an accurate statement to say "Quebec wants out of Canada in the worst way."
As for boring... I was refering to cities, obviously places like the yukon and what not are majestic and amazing. But I'm refering to Urban centres. In which case, I stand by my statement... I couldn't stand Winnipeg. Don't dig Calgary either... just faceless, souless, box cities. I forgot to mention how awesome Quebec city is, but from my earlier statement I think its obvious.

mike hockham says:

there is nothing charming about Vancouver.

ever watched one of the many Sci Fi series that are filmed in Vancouver. Even wonder why all "Alien worlds" look overcast and it's always raining?

It rains almost every day or else it's overcast. That's why David Duchovney forced the X-Filed to move production to L.A.

It's a boring city with huge social and drug problems, bums on every street corner, hit and run drivers kill someone at least once a week.

All Vancouver has is it's proximity to the mountains but other than that. it's a hole.

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