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John McCain has Legs: Does he know how to use them?

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CARI.McCain.gifAs we've previously reported, despite flying low under the radar John McCain has made impressive strides towards victory in securing all the major newspaper endorsements in the forthcoming Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries. Now, he's doing amazingly well on a poll being run by uber-blogger Michelle Malkin. Michelle simply asks whether her readers would vote for McCain if he's the nominee, and "yes" is leading 57% to 43% with over 8,500 votes having been cast. This is remarkable because the poll is part of an article trashing McCain for his stance on immigration, which seems to be a litmus test for Michelle. The poll has actually been drafted to reflect this bias, with three different "no" choices and only two "yes" options. And McCain is still winning! This clearly shows the man has political legs. The question now is, does he know how to use them? In any case, his performance ought to strike fear in to the heart of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, since McCain has forcefully called for Putin's ouster from the G-7. You can cast your vote in Michelle's poll here.

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