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Ladies of the Democrats' Evenings

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So let's see now.

Democrat Governor of New York Elliot Spitzer (and former Attorney General, no less) has been seeing "Emperor's Club" prostitutes who cost from $1,000 per hour for the lowest quality to $31,000 per day for the highest quality (how they are rated, exactly, nobody quite knows for sure -- maybe the good Governor fills out a score card -- excuse the pun).

When caught red handed, he responds with a 64-second statement to the press in which his description of what he'd done wrong is limited to having "acted in a way that violated the obligations to my family and that violates my -- or any -- sense of right and wrong." No mention of prostitution. He refuses to take any questions either about his acts or his intention to resign (or anything else for that matter), and when asked about the latter as he fled the room at high speed, he slammed the door in reporters' faces.

He states (no kidding): "We vowed to bring real change to New York and that will continue." Indeed so, governor. It's quite a change to have our chief executive busted in a prostitution raid. Can't really recall the last time such a thing happened. The New York Times reports: "As state attorney general, he prosecuted prostitution rings with enthusiasm -- pointing out that they are often involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering. In 2004 on Staten Island, Mr. Spitzer was vehement in his outrage over 16 people arrested in a high-end prostitution ring." It forgets to mention that it endorsed Spitzer, misleading New York voters, much less does it apologize. Spitzer now faces possible indictment for transporting a prostitute across state lines (trafficking) and laundering the funds to pay her (structuring), either one of which could lead to serious jail time. And despite that, his refusal to honestly confront the charges is an even worse offense, to say nothing of his hypocrisy and obscene cruelty in forcing his wife to stand next to him during his pseudo "press conference" which lasted barely a minute.

Responding to the news, the Daily Kos states (no kidding): "At $5500/hour, the Emperor's Club prostitutes cost Spitzer approximately the same as Rudy's security detail cost the taxpayers of NYC every time that Rudy went to the Hamptons on a tryst with Judy." So get this: It's OK if Democrat governors bag prostitutes and commit federal crimes because Republican mayors have extramarital affairs. Welcome, boys and girls, to the new liberalism.

Thanks, Democrats, for showing us how to govern the right way. Lord knows, we poor Republicans need all the advice we can get.

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what? says:

how does this relate to "international politics, democratic revolutions, and protest babes" (Publius Pundit's themes at the top of the browser) or, alternately, anything found in the Publius' Pundit 'about' section (which describes a blog focuses on international affairs and democracy promotion)

Please note Kim, the destroyer of English, that I am NOT defending Eliot Spitzer, prostitution, polygamy, jihad, or Vladimir Putin (or anything else really) merely wondering how a blog supposedly focused on democratic revolutions now devotes as much time to US politics as anything else.

La Russophobe says:

Hmm, let's see now. You're proving how important it is to stay on topic by making a comment that has nothing to do with the substance of this post? Uh, OK.

If you don't like the topics covered by this blog, there is an easy solution: DON'T READ IT. Maybe you think this post is worthless, but if it is then what does that say about YOU, who not only READ but COMMENT on it? Doesn't speak very well for your intelligence of judgment, does it?

Make your own blog, using your own fine judgment about what is topical, and see how many people choose to read that. Then come back and prove how clever you are by regaling us all with your brilliant success. Meanwhile, I'll go on destroying the English language (just like Mark Twain did) on three different highly popular and influential blogs while you will write on none. Ironic, isn't it. Does it make you jealous, honey?

That said, this post is clearly about babes and democracy. It involves the possible resignation of one of America's largest states, bigger than many countries, in the middle of an election season. If you can't understand that, then your head needs serious work. Which, of course, goes without saying. If you think the purpose of this blog is to totally avoid commenting on American politics, you're quite confused. Which, of course, goes without saying.

Please note, that you're certainly not criticizing any of them either, now are you?

David says:

Eliot Spitzer has been a corrupt official who abused his elected positions as Attorney General, government prosecutor, and NY Governor in order to protect the elements of organized crime who provided him favors and had dirt on him. Eliot Spitzer was reported to have ignored death threats against a businessman by his attorney, because the businessman was seeking to expose the corruption by Spitzer's brethren lawyers who operated bankruptcy rings, organized crime in the bankruptcy courts right under the noses of U.S. Attorneys and Judges. We are living in a corrupt nation. The neo-mafia owns the law.

vova says:

Good news for B. Hussein Obama, a rare non-philandering Democrat. Spitz, an arrogant pompous ass, is Hill's superdelegate. Although I am not exactly a BHO fan, I hope he exploits this delicious connection.

On an unrelated note: what is it with your blog, Kim, that it attracts malcontents, misfits, and masochists? They hate you yet torture themselves reading it.
It's edifying for me: I learn a lot from the self-absorbed overbearing insufferable boors

vova says:

Update: Sis Hill just purged Bro Spitz' endorsement from her website. She did is faster than Bill drops his pants

La Russophobe says:

LOL! Another good one, Vovka! You are clearly on a roll.

vova says:

Dropping the Spitz endorsement just shows how sleazy Hillary is. And the whole sad saga exposes the left's double standard: Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi.

There are no friends on the left - just political expediency.

A tip: There is an interesting debate regarding malignant little troll's Q&A at the end of Merkel's visit where he calls Medvedev (and himself) "a Russian nationalist" and uses the word русский rather than российский. I've had a problem with USG types who used to refer to ВМФ РФ as Russian Navy instead of RF Navy. I tried to explain and drew parallels with the fascist Russian [Русский] March that was scheduled at the time, but to no avail. The MLT was the first to use the word russkiy in this context.

B says:

Vova, please extrapolate further on your grammer statement. I am just beginning to teach myself Russian, so your analysis would be insightful. Thank you. Sorry--sometimes you guys talk over my head, I don't pretend to be as knowledgeable as anyone here.

artfldgr says:

On an unrelated note: what is it with your blog, Kim, that it attracts malcontents, misfits, and masochists? They hate you yet torture themselves reading it.

The left is organized around the power ungleaned from the assembly of malcontents, misfits, and masochists.

In fact one of the things that has always made me chortle was how feminists (an easy group to see) do this. Not only that but they deny woman stereotypes, but now have airs, and feinting spells, and swoon as well as have “hysterics”.

They believe that everything they have and will be will come from the state, or come from feminism. They don’t realize that all that comes DESPITE the state. Then again, they never got taught about real female heroes like Emmy Noether. They get twisted and stretched stories about Ms M. Einstein as being the source.

Any people who would wish totalitarian communism down on themselves must be supreme masochists who wish to be the toys of supreme sociopaths. Nothing like a piss layer cake.

On another note, I recently remembered another medvedev. I knew I saw the name someplace. Roy Medvedev. I wonder if there is any relation?

Roy Medvedev was the son of a prominent Soviet Marxist scholar, and the identical twin brother of the biologist Zhores Medvedev. Their father was arrested in 1938, during one of Joseph Stalin's purges, and died in a labor camp in 1941.

Medvedev graduated from the Leningrad University. After joining the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956 Medvedev pursued a teaching career before becoming a researcher in the Soviet Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

Anyway, the name pops up here and there, even with Tretyakov’s new book.

Aris Katsaris says:

It didn't use to be Kim's blog, Vova -- I first came across this blog in the days of the Orange Revolutions, when other people, not Kim, were writing here and when it truly was about what it claimed to be.

Now it's just about a single Republican bashing Democrats -- thus the blog has trivialized and diminished itself from its former glory days.

Aris Katsaris says:

For example one of the very first posts in this blog mentioned as one of the blog's guidelines: ""

1. The posting must be related to democratic movements, the spread or oppression of liberty, authoritarian governments, and the like. You should know what is and what isn’t acceptable just by quickly browsing over this blog. [...] 3. Keep submission of posts about the U.S. to a minimum, as most of the readers here are from the U.S. and are looking for content about countries other than their own. If you do believe that it is relevant to outline made in number 1, however, feel free to submit for approval.

Kim keeps on violating the very guidelines this blog was founded on. Now the blog is all about how much Republicans rule and Democrats drool.

no says:

"Ironic, isn't it. Does it make you jealous, honey?"

It's not ironic in the least, and it doesn't make me jealous at all. Why would it? All you did was link to a news story and call Eliot Spitzer a hypocrite fool (which is about as challenging as calling George W. Bush a moron).

Whatever 'influence' you claim (and you vastly overstate it) has to do with your Russia coverage, not your 'coverage' of US politics, which is so simplistic as to be a caricature of neoconservative ranting.

Ray says:

You're right, Republicans can't take advise from Democrats because Republicans are too busy chasing underaged boys (Mark Foley) and men in public toilets (Larry Craig). That is the face of conservatism, and it's a very pretty face indeed.
(PS: Your English is really improving. You might be ready for the citizenship test soon!)

vova says:

Your point (re: russkiy vs. rossiyskiy) is well taken, but... my source is the official (!) Kremlin site, so whether the malignant little troll spoke in German or in Russian, the official text is in Russian, and it says russkiy--and they know whereof they speak.
Well, the is a parallel in English. We say U.S. Navy, not American Navy, and there must a be reason for this. But be it as it may, the difference in Russian is huge, and the issue is very emotive and pregnant with ominous ramifications, some unintended, some intended

vova says:

In an argument one is foolish while the other--sinster.
"The difference between "rossiyskiy" and "russkiy" exists in Russian language only. The word "Rossiyskiy" does not have the analogs in other languages. Like in English it is just "Russian" and even you had to use Russian script to express the difference" - Nothing is furthere from the truth, unless you are an arrogant know-it-all nativst. This statement revels that your knowledge of Russian is dim and your understanding of translation is nonexistent

David says:

Lawyer Practicing in New York Admits Advising That Death Threats Are Legal;
Eliot Spitzer Snoozes
According to

NEW YORK, Nov 02, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- A lawyer admitted to practice in New York and Federal Courts conceded a transcript filed in court contained an accurate portrayal of a conversation in which the lawyer advised his client that it was perfectly fine to threaten to kill someone.

Eliot Spitzer was the elected Attorney General for the State of New York, with ultimate responsibility to enforce the law as well as to uphold the purported ethical standards for attorneys in New York State by following and supporting The Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility. Eliot Spitzer has managed an office which rattled the boardrooms of big business throughout the state as he delighted a skeptical citizenry with numerous assaults on corporate misdeeds. Countless industries have had their often secret business practices brought before the courts and thrust into the light of day; except of course, for perhaps the most secretive and lucrative "profession."

Powerful law firms continue to operate above the law and beyond scrutiny. Sadly, Mr. Spitzer's talent for appearing as a zealous foe of corruption and wrongdoing ceases where brethren of the bar are concerned. Apparently Mr. Spitzer believes every business is bad except his own.

Do voters want an Attorney General who protects his partners and associates while prosecuting only those unworthy of special protection? If elected, will Andrew Cuomo continue the Spitzer legacy of Law Firm Protectionism? What could voters expect from Mr. Spitzer as Governor?

This release was authored by and was not sponsored, advised, or funded by any candidate for office. Statements herein other than fact are opinion and readers are urged to become fully informed of the issues. Documents evidencing factual elements of this press release are public record at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan SDNY 02-13533 docket numbers 17315, 17315A copies available at

vova says:

Sorry for splitting the post but at first the power went out, then my UPS quit. I am neither in the States nor in Europe, so you have to bear with me.

The issue of Russian vs. Rossian (some use this word) is a very serious issue. It was a subject of a newsletter from a former top administration official (former No. 1 USSR expert in USG) and a blog entry by Golts. And today Boris Souvarin added the following:

О состоянии уходящего президента хорошо говорит и еще одна «оговорка по Путину» — про то, что он «русский националист в хорошем смысле слова». Насколько же хорош этот смысл для Татарстана и Северного Кавказа, Башкирии и Якутии? Насколько хорошо для добрых 30% «нерусских» граждан РФ узнать, что их президент – оказывается – русский националист? Это, конечно, хороший смысл для тех, кто до сих пор обвиняет Путина в том, что он, мол, «недостаточно русский», но еще парочка таких заявлений способна взорвать Федерацию. Я уж не говорю о том, что «наши партнеры» в Европе давненько не пользуются такой терминологией – и едва ли Меркель объявляет себя «немецкой националистской».

If you need a translation, I will gladly supply it upon request.

There is no problem rendering this relatively recent distinction WITH a difference into contemporary English, unless you are stymied by the PC code.

I don't want to go into much detail--it is worth a separate blog entry--but suffice it to say that 'russkiy' as understood by the pravoslavny trash is analogous to WASP whereas all those colored, Jews, Catholics, and niggers are not included. It is like substituting 'German' with 'Aryan'. So saying that both words are translated by the same word into English shows profound ignorance. I know how to translate it, by this is my knowhow--or proprietory information if you will.

Republicrestroomsex says:

Oh no "Kim Zigfeld," your anonymous internet bullying days could be numbered if you Republicans have their way! Read it here:
Yes, you Republicrestroomsexicrats have a lot to teach the rest of us! The first thing will be that you'll have to reveal who you really are to the world. The Russophobe has no clothes. Hahaha...

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