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Biography: Kim Zigfeld

Kim Zigfeld is our resident Russia commentator. She publishes La Russophobe, the #1 independent English-language Russia politics blog in the world (both in terms of regular daily traffic and linking blog activity). La Russophobe is largely a news aggregator and as such the database for Kim's exclusive original content contributions are to Publius Pundit analyzing the status of democracy in Russia. La Russophobe also publishes original translations and commentary from contributors around the world.

She speaks Russian and has lived in Russia; her analysis is based on personal experience at ground zero, she does not claim academic or professional credentials as an "expert." Indeed, she believes that for too many years excessive reliance on such "experts" has led American policy far astray where Russia is concerned, much to the detriment of the Russian people as well. The "experts" didn't correctly predict the fall of the USSR or the rise of Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet state.

The name "La Russophobe" is meant simply as an urgent, in-your-face challenge to the people of Russia to take responsibility for their own fate and the actions of their government, and a challenge to the outside world to demand that they be accountable. She sees this challenge as a sign of respect to Russians, as opposed to the the patronizing contempt of so-called "russophiles" who believe normalcy can't be expected from Russians.

You can reach Kim by e-mail at