Search Results for dictator,2018:/mt//feed/dictator 2018-03-23T06:46:07Z Movable Type 4.23-en 5 1 5 When "People Power" Fails,2007:/articles//2.414 2007-10-04T19:31:23Z 2007-10-04T15:35:00Z MC The failed uprising in Burma shows the extent to which people power is only so good against a rock solid regime The Catholic Church Can Save Zimbabwe,2007:/articles//2.89 2007-04-10T19:19:33Z 2007-04-11T09:08:57Z MC The Catholic Church is perfectly placed to aid and support the people of Zimbabwe against Mugabe's tyranny. U.S.-Brazil Summit: More Alliance Than Ethanol,2007:/articles//2.51 2007-03-31T16:18:11Z 2007-03-31T13:35:30Z A.M. Mora y Leon This weekend, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will camp out with George Bush near Washington, at Camp David. It's the first time ever that a Brazilian leader has been accorded such important relations with the U.S., or merited... When you hire a Truthteller...,2007:/articles//2.17 2007-03-22T06:50:20Z 2007-03-22T04:32:32Z A.M. Mora y Leon ...You shouldn't be surprised if he tells the truth. Over in Colombia, that doesn't seem to be entirely clear to President Alvaro Uribe. Now, as you know, I'm his biggest fan. But he did something today that struck me as... The Middle East's new democratic model,2007:/articles//2.7 2007-03-20T23:57:20Z 2013-02-10T01:07:31Z MC Mauritania's military coup yielded condemnation. But next week's presidential election has profound implications for the region