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A must read post on Egypt's constitutional "reforms"

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Professor Marc Lynch of Abu Aardvark blasts the Egyptian governments for its proposed constitutional reforms, and takes aim at the Bush administration for even thinking that the reforms are mixed, but generally positive in trend. He lists some of these reforms accomplishments, which include:
  • Removing judicial oversight of the electoral process.
  • Giving the voters less than a week to decipher what they all mean.
  • A history of blatant electoral fraud suggests it doesn't matter if they decipher it or not.
  • Only members of registered parties may run for president, the only real one being that of President Mubarak.
  • These reforms make constitutionally permanent the horrid emergency laws; things such as defaming the government or demonstrating publicly could be legally punishable with jail time.
Check out the full post. He really goes into it, smacking down the Egyptian government for being rotten to the core and the U.S. government for being completely toothless in its handling of democracy in foreign policy issues.
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