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More dissidents in Syria

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A faction decided to leave the SSNP (Syrian National Pan-Arab Social party) because of the outrageous manipulation and terrorization of the Alawite regime of President Bashar al Assad. It's good to see that people still find the power to rebel against dictators even if such audacity can cost their freedom and even their lives.

Activist Anwar Bunni is held in jail for the "sin" of speaking against the regime while many others are closely watched by the Syrian Mukhabarat (secret services) and forbidden to leave the country.

update: the Criminal Court of Damascus sentenced today the Syrian dissident, Dr Kamal Labwani to life in prison, which was then reduced by judge Mehiddeene al-Hallak to 12 years in jail; Labwani is accused of contacting a foreign nation, the United States for the purport of instigating attacks against Syria
The Reform Party of Syria reported that Labwani arrived the US in the fall of 2005 where he met with high US officials to discuss oppression of Syrians and human rights in Syria

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