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And Then They Came For My Minivan...

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The editor of Minivan News, the largest Maldivian opposition website on the net with over 70,000 viewers a day, has sent out an email saying that the site has been hacked and replaced with a giant picture of the dictator-in-chief.
Dear all,
Our site has been temporarily hacked.

The front page is currently displaying a picture of President Gayoom with the banner "Our Nation, Our Culture", and the quote "our strength is our unity, don't let anyone break it. Protect this country from those people who are trying to corrupt it."

There is no way to navigate away from this page, so our home page and news articles are unavailable for the moment.

We apologise and hope to have the problem resolved as soon as possible.

We will be continuing to work as normal and maintain full email access.

The site will be updated as soon as the hack is resolved.
So now, as governments crack down on physical media, now they and their supporters are going strong against news sites as well. If anything, though, I'd say this just brings more attention to them.
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