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A lesson in legitimizing the opposition

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Kuwait Unplugged writes about how the government pulled the plug on a show that he was due to appear on in which he'd talk about blogs. Read the whole post, but here's the most interesting point:
They just don't learn, do they? The more effort you spend suppressing voices, the more those voices will find ways to be heard. The government should stop wasting its time and resources on suppressing opinions and focus on running the country. I even said that on the show.... wait a minute! Could that be the reason it got cancelled?! I hope I'm wrong!
We are living in an era of openness, where even in closed societies technology has made it possible to see things that were once hidden. People are learning that they have the right and ability to decide for themselves, so by blocking the show, they are legitimizing whatever Zaydoun was saying by peaking the public interest. It's possible that when they viewed the program they could have decided that he's full of hot air, but now his point is only proven. Whether the government likes it or not, the people can find out if they want to.
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