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A Veep for Mr. McCain

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Who would be the best running mate for John McCain?
JC Watts
Condoleezza Rice
Fred Thompson
Mike Huckabee
Sarah Palin
Duncan Hunter
Mitt Romney free polls

The Weekly Standard's blog has a rundown on possible candidates for John McCain's vice presidential slot. What do you think? If your choice is not shown, feel free to write in as a comment. This is a vital decision! McCain needs an artful pick to solidify support with the conservatives, and obviously should be aware that he'll be running against a younger female or African-American candidate. Maybe Condi is ideal?

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Daltonsbriefs says:

Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, sounds like a pretty good choice to me.

victor says:

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana. He will not take the job, but he is definitely someone to follow in the next few years.

DM says:

Chuck Hegel.

La Russophobe says:

All comments that do not respond to the invitation in the post to suggest a Veep for Senator McCain are SPAM and will be deleted.

Carney says:

I think Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has enough youth (late 30s) and Kennedy-esque good looks to at least offset McCain's age and respond to Obama-mania.

Ryan's an Irish Catholic from a swing state. He's anti-amnesty (for real, I know they all SAY they are) and clears all the other litmus tests (guns, gay marriage, abortion, taxes, etc) so he will avoid angering/disappointing the base and in fact will excite Republican activists. Best of all, his work in Congress has focused heavily on economic issues. He's compatible with McCain because he's crusaded against pork earmarks, but his work is much broader, on entitlements, overall spending and more. He'll help address the economy, which McCain has admitted he's weak on (a statement the Dems will pounce on).

Mike says:

My criteria are:
1. Qualified to take the helm immediately in event of the disability of the president
2. Ideologically compatible with the party (which is, I know, highly subjective)
3. A potential standard-bearer after the McCain administration is over, or in the event of a McCain loss

Given that, the best name I've heard so far is Chris Cox. He's got extensive and varied experience both in life and in government; he's truly smart; he's reliably conservative; and he's personable enough to be President in his own right.

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